Last Year Taught Me:

God can and will do exactly what you ask for even when you think it’s a big ask. The impossible is possible with God.

Longterm alignment with God’s plan is a major key.

The people who truly love you only want the best for you. They will let go of their personal hopes for you in order to see you excel in the areas that God calls you to.

Family (including church and chosen family) is everything. But it’s ok to leave toxic family members behind when they refuse to change.

Tomorrow really is not promised. I miss you Blair.

No matter how much you know a person, there’s always something more to learn.

Working hard doesn’t always have the results you hope for. Re-evaluate your need to be busy, find ways to enjoy life, be kind to your body.

Peace keeping and peace making are two totally different things. There is a time and place for each. Discern when and where to use them. Know that peace making often required noise, action and disruption.

Being truthful about who I am and what I believe is far more important than following those around you. Sharing my truth in Spirit-led moments have been the key to connecting with people in my new church.

God often uses the desires of our hearts to lead us to the place God designed for us to learn, grow and be challenged. Ask me how I know!

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