Are you ready to follow through?

We often get upset about the fact that people don’t “follow through.” The situation or opportunity is all setup and ready to go, all a person has to do is show up and follow through. But sometimes we don’t show up. And other times when we show up, we still don’t follow through.

We human beings are some interesting beings. We say we want things or at least we act like it, only to later be at odds with ourselves and others.

I’m learning from life that we can’t be mad at others when we think they don’t follow through for us or for themselves. There are so many things that keep people from taking that next step in their careers, family lives and relationships. And whatever the reasons, despite how perfect things may seem to be, it really just boils down to one thing: Are you ready?

I’m asking myself that same question. Am I ready for what will come next if I follow through? Do I really believe that I am prepared for all that I say I want and deserve? The answers to those questions will reveal so much.

The truth of the matter is we aren’t self-aware enough sometimes to know if we truly want to follow through. And that’s why we get ourselves in these situations where at the last minute, we bail. We bail on what could be the best thing to ever happen to us because we didn’t know we had so much baggage, so much emotional instability or so little capacity to step up to the plate of responsibility/love/opportunity.

I’m promising myself this year to be ready to follow through. Be ready to start what I finish or don’t start it at all. I deserve to be, have and do what my heart desires and I can’t afford to let a little fear of the past stop me from the brilliance of the future – or even the joy of the present.

If we haven’t learned anything from 2020 – we learned that life is way too short…so I’m ready to follow through.

Cue the Grind…

July 2, 2020

…It’s a new day.
Yesterday was a time to celebrate and imagine what the rest of 2020 should look like.

But today…

Today is the first day of a new grind. Today’s the day you should start working the plan.

Don’t have a plan?

Make one!

Where do you see yourself in the next six months? Who do you want to be? Who do you want to take with you? Who needs to change directions? What will your outcome be?

But most importantly…

Why do you want it?

This is going to make all the difference.

Your why will keep you focused when your world is in chaos.

So Cue the Confetti but don’t forget to