Living through Cycles & Being a Wild Woman

What’s Up Readers!?!

I’m so glad to be writing on here again!

First, I want to say thank you for going on this journey with me.

Second, I want to say…it’s really raining outside.  Like it’s ridiculous, but I am so grateful that the only thing we are getting is rain.  It could be a lot worse.  Praise Jesus!

Thirdly,…Let’s chat!  I am really interested in talking to you guys about today’s topic.  I just started reading Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. (Like I really have time to be reading for leisure!)  I haven’t made it out of the introduction yet (it’s 22 pages, dense and I have a 9 year old who is stir crazy from being in the house for two days straight) but this idea of living in cycles is an interesting thought process for me.

It’s more so talking about living through your cycles.  “What cycles”, you ask? The cycles that define who we are, what we are doing and where we are going at any point in time.  For instance, knowing the exact moment when to cut someone off, begin a new venture or to just stop and enjoy the roses is a way of living in or through cycles.  I know that it may seem rather elementary, but have you ever felt like your woman’s intuition was on the fritz?  Like every decision you made in a season of your life was heavily laced with self-doubt and uncertainty?  Or even that your connection with God was lacking in every area?  The answer is…YES!  We all have gone through times like the ones I just asked about.  Moreover, we all have felt stifled and diminished in some form, shape or fashion.  And, if you are a woman of color, the answer is doubly YES!  The Wild Woman in you, not to be confused with feral or unkempt, but the actual woman in you who follows her keen instincts, wants to be free.  Ask me how I know…

I’ve been trying to decide and figure out a major life decision for the past 3-4 weeks.  The thought of making this decision has left me full of self-doubt, fear, sadness, physical illness, literal anxiety and more.  But let me tell you, I’m going to end up listening to the initial instinct and gut feeling I had at the moment the issue came into play.  The reason I’m going to do this is because often times when I have done something other than follow my initial instinct regarding a situation I regret it big time.  I have learned to trust my instincts and my intuition more and more over time because she is tried and true. (That was the answer to the “Ask me how I know…)  In the business world, men are told to use their gut, but women should think carefully about their choices and next steps.  In relationships, men are told to use their instincts to assess if they have found the one, but women are told to think logically.  In society, women who follow their instincts are crazy.   The lie detector test determined, “That was a lie!”

We have to trust our gut!  As a woman of faith, this gut, instinct, intuition and Wild Woman theme is divinely connected to the Holy Ghost.  I believe this with all of my being and here’s why…

Point number one: If you are constantly feeding yourself with the word, communing with and in relationship with God, your instinct becomes connected to the Spirit.  That is to say your thoughts and beliefs will begin to align with God.  Instead of seeking some awe inspiring moment with God, sign after sign after sign, and confirmation after confirmation, we can trust that we already hear the voice of the genuine in us and can make decisions based on what Creator God has already revealed to and in us.  Therefore, our instincts become wrapped up in the thoughts and the will of God.  If this is true and you follow this frame of thought, why wouldn’t you follow your gut feeling?  I’m not saying that there won’t be some things that you really need to seek God for and pray over, but honestly, God gives us the gift of discernment and if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, our discernment should be on point and in line with the plan God has for us.  For today’s purposes we are calling that instinct.

Point number B (LOL): If you’re a person who looks to be grounded by the earth or in things that are concrete and constant, you will seek answers guided by nature.  This is perfect because the whole Wild Woman theme points to the fact that you are guided by that which you are connected to.  If you are connected to the earth, you will seek and make decisions that will be life giving and awe inspiring.  There’s no way you can truly be connected to the earth and not be totally enthralled with the cycle of things.  Leaves change colors, fall off the branch, and are born again in the next season.  Cycles!!!!  Additionally, God made the earth and gave it the power to create and give life, so if you are connected to the earth, you’re connecting to the word of God and the Wild Woman in you is what?…Still guided by the Holy Spirit because the Spirit is God!  Did you follow that?  No?  Read Genesis 1:11-13.  God gives the earth the ability through the Word to create living things.  If you are connected to earth you are connected to the very word of God.  Exegesis or Eisegesis?  I don’t know, but that’s the word.

Ok are you convinced yet?  No?  Keep reading…

Point Letter 3 (Am I driving you crazy yet?): This one is quick, but it’s not for the super holy, so if that is you, skip to the next section.  Are you a person driven by the visceral?  Do you perhaps believe in “The Divine” or “The Universe”?  This Wild Woman theme and living through your cycles is for you too.  People who tell you that you are crazy for believing in an unnamed higher deity don’t know the power of being guided by things that they can’t see or touch.  And while I’m personally a Jesus Freak, I totally get this notion.  When you connect to something that is greater than you, you begin to adopt a worldview that is no longer focused on little old you, but on the larger picture.  When you can see the larger picture it is easier for you to see your place in the world so when it comes time to make a decision, your decisions are guided by the deep feelings of  togetherness and divine order.  Your instincts become wrapped up in the common good and thus you make good decisions.  Ok maybe that was a reach, but it’s definitely interesting…right?

Ok so anyway, I believe I have ranted long enough to let you know that I am already sold on this book and the idea of continuing to follow my instincts especially since they are deeply rooted in my beliefs.  I’m looking forward to finishing this book, but for now it’s back to Old Testament readings for week 5…

Ta-Ta For Now!

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