Trap Gospel?

The emergence and prominence of Trap Gospel over the last few years has been an interesting one to follow. For most of the Christians that I surround myself with, Trap Gospel is somehow sacrilegious. I, on the other hand, live for a good Gospel message over a tight beat. The rhythms and sounds of Trap Gospel songs give me dance bop vibes that remind my body of dance moves that would be outlawed in a house of worship, yet I feel compelled to drop it low and boisterously shout God’s praises. It’s an amazing yet conflicting feeling.

I’ve often questioned whether or not this was a negative reaction. And likewise, Christians all over the world wonder how far is too far. Some say the merging of “worldly” or secular sounds and rhythms with lyrics about God defiles the actual message being presented. Others would argue that it’s a useful tool for bringing youth back to church. People like me just say it’s a hot way to express their love for God.

Moreover, believers have to decide for themselves and listen to the Spirit of God about what works best for them. If it doesn’t sit well with you, then you shouldn’t listen. We shouldn’t condemn others who find a way to give God praise through a medium that’s familiar to their ears and hearts. Every person is not created the same; We don’t all share the same convictions and that is between the individual and God.

Here’s what I do know…music and dancing were integral parts of my ancestors lives. My ancestors hail from slavery in the American South, and even further back various countries in West Africa. So if I feel compelled to dance and sway, or rock and bop, I do so with the intent of not only praising God, but paying homage to those who have gone before me.

I encourage those who are open to it to let the music waft through your ears and your heart and praise God with whatever moves come to you.

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