Don’t Be Delusional: On Remaining Silent Concerning Matters of Justice

There are so many things I need to be doing right now: Assignments, videos, editing, writing and reading to name a few. But there has been something weighing on my heart. After a situation recently gut-punched me and made me boohoo cry all before 10am on a Monday morning I thought that I needed to write.

And so I did. I wrote, but it was in the form of an email.

As I tried to decide what and how much I would/could share with you all, I hung my hat on these words, my words: “When the church chooses not to take a stance, it empowers others in their delusions of what justice, Jesus and the Gospel is really about.”

As a Black woman and a future #ClergyMama, I am disillusioned daily by people who claim to be Christian but refuse to stand up for what they believe in. I know it’s hard and I know that people will disown you for certain beliefs. I’ve experienced the backhanded comments and strained relationships for my beliefs too. I’m not immune from that sort of thing. But as a Christian, someone who follows Christ’s example of love and justice, there are some things you can’t just turn a blind eye to. There are some things that you must choose a side for. You can’t be lukewarm.

It ruins your witness. And further, it promotes the ill-interpreted Gospel of those who think it’s okay to deny folks of their humanity. Playing the fence as a Christian says to those who are intent on looking past the ills of this world and promoting their own selfish advancement at the expense of those who are at the bottom of the social totem pole that God only loves them. It debunks the need for justice in this world and it downplays everything that Jesus did in his ministry.

I can’t begin to tell you how painful it is to know that good white people, good rich people, good politicians and good Christians rather coddle those who have power than to support those who do not.

It’s infuriating that people you respect are just as complicit in systemic racism and bigotry all because they prefer not to ruffle a few conservative feathers.

Don’t be the one to promote the beliefs of delusional Christians. Don’t be the one who will go along just to get along. Don’t be the one who supports the opposite of what Jesus established here on earth.

Don’t be delusional. Your inability to stand up, will cost you. It’s not free to remain silent anymore. “When the church chooses not to take a stance, it empowers others in their delusions of what justice, Jesus and the Gospel is really about.”

On Blossoming: A Gratitude Post


2020 has been… a year.

It feels like 2 years rolled into one. Jam packed with unforeseen and never before seen happenings. Filled with so many heartbreaking, unbelievable, downright ridiculous occurrences. Crushing us with loss, and fear, and doubt of what is to come next.

2020 has been… a year.

Yet through the midst of this year of years, I have found joy and peace, love and understanding, and insurmountable growth.

This year, my star word was Blossom. In its verb form, it means to mature or develop in a promising or healthy way. And I know that I have truly Blossomed.

I noticed it yesterday as I introduced myself to a group of people that I have never met before on behalf of the student-led organization I am currently serving as president. I was able to see myself in real time as I spoke and shared my organizations vision. As I spoke, I almost didn’t recognize myself. The woman I was looking at was cool, energetic and passionate. She spoke with such ease and poise. Who was she?

I know it might seem crazy but I was proud of her. I was proud of myself. In those moments, I recognized a leader. I recognized an influencer. I recognized a woman.

This year was unexpected, to say the least. And yet, Jasmine still managed to grow, mature and develop in a healthy way. It’s been such a beautiful transformation. I’m so grateful for this journey. Grateful for a God who sees fit to turn the worst year into the best year ever.

Despite whatever the year may have brought you…

no matter how hard the enemy tries to keep you from prospering…

I hope you will find yourself BLOSSOMING!

Cue The Finish Line

July 30, 2020

People say life is a marathon and I couldn’t agree more. Every time you accomplish a goal or reach a new level in your dreams you cross a finish line.

When you take the time to celebrate your wins along the way, you create more joy and happiness in your life. Also, who doesn’t love a little pat on the back?!?

Take the time to wish yourself a job well done and then get setup for the next race because there are so many finish lines for you to run through!

Keep Running and Cue The Finish Line!!!

Cue The Transformation

July 29, 2020

Getting to the root of who you are and what you’re capable of will change you.
Full stop.

You can’t tap into the very thing that will allow you to operate at your best without making some changes. Living into your essence will make you quit some things, leave some things, pick up new things and ultimately be who you are truly called to be.

This work requires access to the Holy Spirit though. The Spirit will lead you and guide you. Prune you and nurture you. Strip you and rebuild you.

So be aware and beware. Do not start this process if you aren’t ready to change.

But if you’re ready, go ahead…
Cue the Transformation!!!

Cue The Essence…

July 28, 2020

The great hymn writer, Beyoncé, sang so gracefully, “Step out your estimate,
Step in your essence and know that you’re excellent, Rise…”

Today I want you to think about what it means to step into your essence. Essence is the quality that defines you. It is “the most significant element, quality, or aspect of a thing or person.” Your essence is your “ultimate nature…opposed to [your] existence.”

What is within you? What is so deeply defining you? When you find and connect to your essence, you will in fact “step out of your estimate” and you will RISE above what you thought you could be and into your highest self.

Cue the ESSENCE!

Cue The Inspiration

July 18, 2020

Once you have all the feedback you need, it’s time to get inspired. 

You’ve been working your plan. You’ve been hitting the BASICS. You’ve been living with and attitude of gratitude and displaying your God-given Joy. 

But now…

You’ve got to get inspired. 

The possibilities are endless, so take a moment to think about all of the things you’ll be able to do once you reach your GOALS…and then let that inspiration ignite a fire within you to keep pushing. 


Cue The Feedback

July 17, 2020

Feedback is a gift.

When you are in community with people individually and corporately chasing after your goals, you need someone to tell you what’s up. 

Not someone who is going to criticize your every move, but someone who has your back and will lovingly but sternly let you know that you should try a different approach. You can call these people accountability partners, colleagues, business partners, friends and/or family. They just need to be someone you trust with a level of expertise in the area or just good ole wisdom for your journey. 

Ready your heart and mind so you can 
Cue the Feedback! 

Cue The Growth

July 16, 2020


What are the markers of growth in your life? 
Do you depend on measuring up to others or do you wait on others to let you know they see a change in you? 

Both of these can be a marker of success and change but truthfully, the only person that will know how far you came will be you. 

Only you can know what it took to get you to this point. 

Keep track of your growth. Not so you can brag to anyone who will listen, but so you can remind yourself of all the things you overcame in the midst of all of the bad. 

Grow on!!

Cue The Joy

July 9, 2020

You ever get down? You ever feel like things in your plan aren’t working out?  

That’s normal. You may not find happiness in working the BASICS every day. 

Here’s the thing: Happiness is cool, but there’s a deeper contentment that you can find when you submit your will to God. 

It’s called JOY. 

Joy is the spiritual assurance that God has you. And thus, you’re outward expression is praise and gratitude despite whatever may be happening around you. 

If you’ve lost your JOY it can be hard to focus on what is to come. To find it again, study God’s promises, remind yourself of the times God has brought you out before and pray to God for restoration. 

Cue The Joy!

Cue The Passion

July 8, 2020

It’s Hump Day!!!

The BASICS can get boring. Doing the same thing over and over again can get underwhelming. 

That’s why you have to make sure that your plan aligns with your passion!  

If your plan is based on a goal that you’re not passionate about, you might as well quit now. There has to be something driving you, pushing you to not get weary in your well doing!

What are you passionate about?