On Blossoming: A Gratitude Post


2020 has been… a year.

It feels like 2 years rolled into one. Jam packed with unforeseen and never before seen happenings. Filled with so many heartbreaking, unbelievable, downright ridiculous occurrences. Crushing us with loss, and fear, and doubt of what is to come next.

2020 has been… a year.

Yet through the midst of this year of years, I have found joy and peace, love and understanding, and insurmountable growth.

This year, my star word was Blossom. In its verb form, it means to mature or develop in a promising or healthy way. And I know that I have truly Blossomed.

I noticed it yesterday as I introduced myself to a group of people that I have never met before on behalf of the student-led organization I am currently serving as president. I was able to see myself in real time as I spoke and shared my organizations vision. As I spoke, I almost didn’t recognize myself. The woman I was looking at was cool, energetic and passionate. She spoke with such ease and poise. Who was she?

I know it might seem crazy but I was proud of her. I was proud of myself. In those moments, I recognized a leader. I recognized an influencer. I recognized a woman.

This year was unexpected, to say the least. And yet, Jasmine still managed to grow, mature and develop in a healthy way. It’s been such a beautiful transformation. I’m so grateful for this journey. Grateful for a God who sees fit to turn the worst year into the best year ever.

Despite whatever the year may have brought you…

no matter how hard the enemy tries to keep you from prospering…

I hope you will find yourself BLOSSOMING!

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