Today I Hugged My Sister

Today I hugged my sister

With excitement and joy,

Her face a sight I have not seen for quite some time.

Today I hugged my sister,

With thanks for the help she gave,

Her embrace a welcomed gesture of the trouble we overcame.

Today I hugged my sister,

And her smile lit up the place,

Her scent of coconut oil and sage.

A sister to me is not just a woman I share parents with

A sister is not relegated to the sorority I am apart of

A sister doesn’t have to be Black like me

She doesn’t have to come from the same place I come from

Her light just has to recognize my light

Her respect a mutual gift that we share

Our concern that the other succeeds in her endeavors is much more appreciated

A sister gives her time when she can to help another

A sister doesn’t get jealous but celebrates with another

A sister finds the words to tell the ugly truth in love

Today I hugged my sister

She needed the hug just as much as I did

Her emotions too much to handle alone

She sought refuge in the embrace of her sister

And I was glad to be there

To give back what has been given to me

A place of solace in this cold world

Today, I hope you get the chance to hug your sister

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