A Couple of Prayers

Today, I just want to share a list of prayers I have been saving and praying throughout my life, pandemic and mostly recently protesting

God of the Ghetto,
Who dwells in the margins,
Who hears the cries of the oppressed—sees their affliction because of their oppressors, feels their pain,
God who breaks bows and shatters spears,
Who brings chaos to heel with a word,
Who plunders the enslavers,
And leads captives to into wide open spaces with songs of joy,
please protect the rebels tonight – Andre Henry

Dear Lord today, embarrass my enemies, favor my friends, strengthen my circle, fortify my family and increase my reach – Rev. Jamal Bryant

Lord, my prayer is simply to change us where we don’t reflect You – in character and deed. Help us to see the world needs You and Your divine touch to make crooked places straight and barren places flourish. It is Your power in us that enables us to be change agents in the world. Equip us for these days ahead and You will be glorified for the victory that’s on its way. Go in peace my friends, taking the love and power of Our Lord Jesus Christ with you. Amen. Annetrice Hewitt

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