Cue The Transformation

July 29, 2020

Getting to the root of who you are and what you’re capable of will change you.
Full stop.

You can’t tap into the very thing that will allow you to operate at your best without making some changes. Living into your essence will make you quit some things, leave some things, pick up new things and ultimately be who you are truly called to be.

This work requires access to the Holy Spirit though. The Spirit will lead you and guide you. Prune you and nurture you. Strip you and rebuild you.

So be aware and beware. Do not start this process if you aren’t ready to change.

But if you’re ready, go ahead…
Cue the Transformation!!!

Cue the Faith

July 3, 2020

…It’s Friday!

Typically, people have a tendency to put the plan down, to stop working and to start their weekend early.

Here’s the thing, Friday’s are not a time to ease up. The grind requires that we stay focused on our goals. The grind says that everyday is an opportunity to wake up and do something good. The grind should remind you that today is just as good as any day to get the work done.

BUT if we are only focused on the grind…we will lose.

Lose what?

Our minds possibly. Our hope that things will come to pass. Our passion.

That’s why the grind requires faith. Faith pushes us to a thing. When we activate our faith in conjunction to the grind, we can move mountains. When we have faith in God we are able to wake up most days and say…

“God, you got this!” “God, I trust you to turn my grind into a favorable outcome!” “God, my faith is in You, so pour out your promises on me!”

Faith without works is dead, so works without faith have to be empty actions.

We celebrated and cued the confetti…
We planned so we cued the grind…
But we will have nothing to celebrate and
the plan will be null and void
if we don’t


Cue the Grind…

July 2, 2020

…It’s a new day.
Yesterday was a time to celebrate and imagine what the rest of 2020 should look like.

But today…

Today is the first day of a new grind. Today’s the day you should start working the plan.

Don’t have a plan?

Make one!

Where do you see yourself in the next six months? Who do you want to be? Who do you want to take with you? Who needs to change directions? What will your outcome be?

But most importantly…

Why do you want it?

This is going to make all the difference.

Your why will keep you focused when your world is in chaos.

So Cue the Confetti but don’t forget to

A Word on “Peaceful Protests”

It completely blows me how we have begun using the term “Peaceful Protest.” In my opinion, there ain’t nothing peaceful ’bout a protest. They are loud and disruptive even when we just sit in silence on the hot pavement for 8 minutes and 46 seconds remembering the amount of time it took for George Floyd to die underneath the weight of a cops knee.

Ain’t nothing peaceful ’bout that.

I distinctly remember the girl in front of me shedding tears as we sat in the heat. There was another person nearby that kept breathing loudly. I felt antsy and kept thinking, “This is taking a long time.”

Of course it was a long time – A long time to choke – A long time to gasp for air – A long time to sit and watch because you’re too afraid to help for fear of losing your own life – A long time.

There ain’t nothing peaceful ’bout a protest.

It’s disruptive to the spirit. We shouldn’t even have to be out there. And yet, here we are, yelling, marching, speaking, singing, chanting and sitting in anguish waiting for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to pass by.

Ain’t nothing peaceful ’bout that.

It’s disruptive to the world. Somebody won’t be able to drive their regular route. Someone will be annoyed by large numbers of people gathering to speak their minds. Others won’t understand why now during a pandemic. Doesn’t seem like the police care about killing us even though there’s a pandemic so why should we stop protesting?

There ain’t nothing peaceful ’bout a protest.

Secretly, I’ve been replaying the feeling of being surrounded by people, by my friends and shouting chants and feeling like that even if I shout as loud as I can, things still won’t change. Secretly feeling like burning the whole city down and knowing that the media would spin that too. Hating the fact that I cringed the first few times they dropped an F bomb in a chant and then later screaming F bombs as loud as possible because the reality of being of no value to prejudiced and discriminatory systems, organizations and the government finally dawned on me. They don’t really care about us, so “F” them.

Ain’t nothing peaceful ’bout that.

Even prayer becomes protest. I pray the Psalms that ask God to devour my enemies and their children’s children. I implore God to not leave my people desolate because we are His. I beg God to give us victory and to slay the giant that is racism and poverty and bigotry and health care disparity.

Everything about a protest disrupts. It disrupts the status quo, traffic, people’s mindsets, hearts and the atmosphere. It’s disruptive and rightfully so. It’s loud and rightfully so. It’s chaotic and rightfully so. It’s organized and rightfully so. It’s painful and rightfully so.








My heart has been vexed ever since… My spirit is disturbed… I haven’t been at peace since

Lament 23: A Psalm 23 Re-write because nothing makes sense

Lament 23 – Jasmine Katrice Version (JKV)

The Lord is my shepherd – but sometimes my needs aren’t met

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters – but somehow, I don’t feel peace

He restoreth my soul: Only to lead me into darker paths for his name’s sake – a lot of people do a lot of things in your name and a lot of those things have harmed us and caused irreparable damage.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear all the evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me – but will they protect me?

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies – I’m afraid to sit down. Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over with fear.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life but it will never catch up to me and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever at the hands of the evil walking, living and breathing in a world you created.

Dear God, what are you gonna do about this?

A Couple of Prayers

Today, I just want to share a list of prayers I have been saving and praying throughout my life, pandemic and mostly recently protesting

God of the Ghetto,
Who dwells in the margins,
Who hears the cries of the oppressed—sees their affliction because of their oppressors, feels their pain,
God who breaks bows and shatters spears,
Who brings chaos to heel with a word,
Who plunders the enslavers,
And leads captives to into wide open spaces with songs of joy,
please protect the rebels tonight – Andre Henry

Dear Lord today, embarrass my enemies, favor my friends, strengthen my circle, fortify my family and increase my reach – Rev. Jamal Bryant

Lord, my prayer is simply to change us where we don’t reflect You – in character and deed. Help us to see the world needs You and Your divine touch to make crooked places straight and barren places flourish. It is Your power in us that enables us to be change agents in the world. Equip us for these days ahead and You will be glorified for the victory that’s on its way. Go in peace my friends, taking the love and power of Our Lord Jesus Christ with you. Amen. Annetrice Hewitt

It’s all about the M’s!

I know you’re thinking “What is she talking about now?” Okay, just keep reading.

There are some things that I may need to clarify for a few of you. This blog is not just an attempt to work through what’s happening in the world. It’s my way of tightening the lens on the things that really matter to me most. It will tell the truth, make you laugh, make you think and occasionally – you might just roll your eyes. I’m ok with that because this blog and my brand, JasSings, is focused on the things that are at the center of my life. The M’s!

#Millennialhood: I was born in 1988. I’m a 31 year old Black woman living in America…everything I do has something to do with my perspective on the world based on my life experiences in this day and time. Love it or hate it, but it sure does make for good commentary!

#Music: I love music. I love how words come together with melodies and harmonies, rhythms and sounds to create masterpieces. Music feeds my soul and singing heals me. So, I’ll write about music, songs, and musical ideas as it relates to my culture and what’s happening in the world. It’s a major part of how I’ve been able to evolve over the years.

#Ministry: In case you didn’t know, I’m a rising 3rd year (last year like law school) Divinity School Student. I am currently an Inquirer within the Presbyterian Church USA denomination, which means I’m working towards ordination. Ministering through song led me on this path and I have been fighting this ministry thing for a long time. Eventually, I just gave up. I got tired of God visiting me in my dreams and leaving me cryptic messages! This blog will talk about what it’s like doing ministry.

#Motherhood: This topic is simple and complex. It covers what it means to be a mama in the 21st century AND it will intersect with what it’s like to be a music-loving millennial, and future clergymama. My womanhood is wrapped up in there somewhere too and I’m looking forward to teasing it out just a little bit more every time I write, whether it’s done explicitly or not.

Finally, this blog will talk about…

#Money: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m not trying to make money off of this blog but let’s be real – we live in a capitalist society. A lot of what we do everyday, includes or requires money. It would be a shame to miss the opportunity to discuss money and all of the ways it slips through our fingers! We have to do better! Well maybe I’m just talking about myself. 🤷🏾‍♀️ It’s not all about the money, but money will pop up here and there.

So there we have it! It’s about the M’s!