Cue the Faith

July 3, 2020

…It’s Friday!

Typically, people have a tendency to put the plan down, to stop working and to start their weekend early.

Here’s the thing, Friday’s are not a time to ease up. The grind requires that we stay focused on our goals. The grind says that everyday is an opportunity to wake up and do something good. The grind should remind you that today is just as good as any day to get the work done.

BUT if we are only focused on the grind…we will lose.

Lose what?

Our minds possibly. Our hope that things will come to pass. Our passion.

That’s why the grind requires faith. Faith pushes us to a thing. When we activate our faith in conjunction to the grind, we can move mountains. When we have faith in God we are able to wake up most days and say…

“God, you got this!” “God, I trust you to turn my grind into a favorable outcome!” “God, my faith is in You, so pour out your promises on me!”

Faith without works is dead, so works without faith have to be empty actions.

We celebrated and cued the confetti…
We planned so we cued the grind…
But we will have nothing to celebrate and
the plan will be null and void
if we don’t


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